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Regret answering the phone?

You know! When that MLM company rep. called with big promises and poked at your dreams.

Dictionary.com defines daunting as “to lesson the courage of.”

      Yep, that sounds right. That’s how I felt staring at my list. You know! “The List” … culled from my phone contacts (she whispered aside embarresed.)

      It was definitely daunting to :

  • hear my coach say, “Just do what I did. It’s proven”.
  • go through that “memory jogger” and jot down every “prospect” … from my entire life!
  • pick up the phone and call people for no REAL reason.
  • Pester friends on Facebook for hours on end.
  • And of course boosting the posts of other members.


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There had to be a better way to earn a living at home … right!?

     I couldn’t sit on my butt for 10 hours a day anymore chasing my warm market around Facebook, while my little girl wiled away the hours with Disney Junior.

      Luckily to every problem there is a solution, even for someone as green to marketing as I was. It wasn’t going to be easy and of course I still had to DO stuff. I’d been learning marketing for ten years so I already knew my way around. But, now I had some guideposts.

     I was about to discover:

  • A real LIVING, breathing successful entrepreneur willing to take the time to help me.
  • Actual answers to all the questions my upline couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.
  • And an honest to God answer about this “attraction marketing” thing.
  • But best of all! I discovered others like me, so daunted by network marketing that they quit … more than once… only to return to that familiar call of …

“Financial Freedom”

Somewhere in my heart I always knew it was true.

It IS possible to earn a living on-line!

     It was time to REALLY feel good about my decision to try this home business thing. I truly wanted to feel that I had made a great decision to listen and not hang up that phone. I wanted to know that somehow dreams can come true. I really wanted to know that I could be with my daughter while she wanted me around… instead of stuck to the computer and phone dialing, dialing, dialing.

     So, I took 20 minutes out of my cold-calling and private messaging on Facebook to listen to this video.

     In those 20 minutes I found:

  • There were skills that anyone can learn to be successful from home.
  • That there are 3 simple steps to build an MLM empire so I could “earn money while I sleep”, as Warren Buffett says.
  • That running a business from anywhere can actually be accomplished with the right tools.
  • And the number one thing I learned was …

“The real secret to growing a business from nothing.”

     And it wasn’t by chasing my friends around Facebook. That’s for sure! All these answers and more were on that video and all it really cost me was 20 minutes of my time.

     Are YOU ready for a change like this? I definitely was! I was ready to take control of my money and my business. I was ready to LIVE that part time business I was promised. I was ready to work on a beach chair off Tybee island. I wanted those pictures in my feed of me in the Bahamas with my family.

The question is, “Are you”? Then click that button and we’ll get started!

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“Making business and marketing a little less Daunting!”

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