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There IS a real person behind the warrior?

Did anyone else stay home with their children?
I did!
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So, this whole internet marketing thing got super crazy. I had people enrolling me in their crazy ventures then doing nothing more to help. I got into copywriting and taught myself to write like a mad woman and even published a silly fantasy novel for girls.

<------ See there it is! It's even a link if you're ready to go get one!!

I banged around the internet for a good ten years, throwing money at this and that until it all began to jive, ya know come together in to this coherent workable thing. It’s always nice when the puzzle pieces finally work themselves in together. Now, I knew that it was possible to be successful at anything you choose to do and now that’s me! I’m a teacher so sharing this with others just plain seems natural!

So I’m the Dauntless marketer now? Are you ready to be one too?

     Let’s take that bull by the horns and make all our mistakes together as we figure out all this home-business stuff! Hey, you gotta be ready to make mistakes or no one would ever begin anything! Stuff like:
  • Marketing with Social Media
  • Testing ads
  • Writing copy
  • Web building
  • Facebook Pages and groups
  • Come on you know it won’t stop!


This free training video made all the difference in my business.

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