“Between 69% and 89% ( of crowdfunding) projects fail to reach their targets.”
Are your dreams worth five bucks to you?
Kickstarter had its highest success rate of any crowdfunding site in 2015:
31% of their projects were fully funded.
That means that 69% of all those dreams were left on the table … forgotten … and the dreamers still had to pay for their failed campaigns.

So then … how is what I have to share with you any different than the dismal success rates of other crowdfunding sites?

Imagine fully funding your dreams with no time limits!
What if there was a place you could go where those thousands of abandoned dreams could be reality? What if there was a network … a team of entrepreneurs out there poised to help you share your dream? What if :
  • You could create a campaign that ran until it was fully funded: no time limits, no contracts!
  • You could create a social network that would share your dream and help you fund that dream by sharing it on to their friends?
  • There was never anything taken from your campaign funds. That’s right! Every penny paid into your campaign is yours!
  • And what if you were paid to build your network? Of course the monthly revenue share was capped at …

$64,000 of additional income.

Granted, $64,000 a month sounds like a pipe dream, but here’s the real story. Build your network with three entrepreneurs and your membership is totally paid for. Don’t feel like referring anyone, that’s great too! We have a team of creators hard at work building their networks and each one will be connected to you virally …

Every viral connection we make for you is 4 bucks back in your pocket every month!

In the words of Rob Towles, founder of Smashfund, “out of the billions of people on the planet every one has a project they want to fund”.
I am one of those people! My dream is to build a school; a school of free thought and free expression; a school that uplifts and supports freedom and builds connectedness.
What is your dream?
  • Housing for the homeless, so they aren’t sleeping on the streets of the city with their little ones.
  • School supplies for low income families so every child has a chance to succeed in school
  • Startup money for a dream business idea that you’ve been kicking around for years but never had the gusto to pull the trigger?

Or perhaps your dream is more personal!
  • A new home for parents that have invested so much time and money to help you become a successful adult.
  • College money so your child doesn’t graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt.
  • Or a dream trip that you’ve longed to take but never had the time or money.

That’s awesome,” I can hear you say, but … what is the cost of this thing? Well… it’s a simple… 5 bucks a day. 

What is $5 a day really worth to you?
  • Unlimited campaigns. Run one campaign, run 5, run 10. Heck run 100 campaigns. Change them anytime even if they already have money sitting in them.
  • A profile page that will grow with you. Your dreams change so should your profile!
  • 80% revenue share – money paid to you for building your network!
Yah! This sounded like a lot to me when I added it up to $149/ month but I thought for moment. What do I spend $5 a day on?

Turns I spend the exact same amount on:

  • Cell coverage for myself and my two children. Unlimited texting of course.
  • Internet and satellite coverage in my home. Hundreds of channels streaming right to my TV for continuous daily entertainment.
  • Professional memberships to linked-in to grow my business.
How could funding my dream be worth less to me than my cell service or limitless movies streaming into my home? The answer for me was simple, “it wasn’t!” So I hopped on board right now while:
“It’s still free to join and build my team and network!”
So …. What is your dream worth to you? Are you ready to explode that nonprofit? Is it worth continuing to wait around and hope it happens or is time to get on board and join a group of like-minded individuals?
Click the link, leave your e-mail and join us while it’s still free. We’ll introduce you to the creators team and we’ll build your dream with you! Chances are I’ll be one of the first to put money in your campaign!
Never go it alone again. Join today!
“Start creating your dreams today!”
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Here are some more answers to a few more questions that I asked.
  • “Can people outside of smashfund donate to my campaign?” Yes, yes they can. And anyone in your network can share your campaign anywhere.
  • “How much of my campaign money do I have to pay back to smashfund?” I’m glad you asked! Not one penny will ever be extracted from your campaign. Your monthly membership covers it all!!
  • “What happens if my campaign isn’t fully funded?”Hmmm well, you have a choice here. You can let it keep running until it does or you can tweak it and continue.
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